Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fidji! Fidji! Fidji!

Sometimes I think our UPS driver should dump the browns, rock a Santa suit and call it a day!  Especially when their delivery is eight cases of Fidji!  Absolutely beautiful, this first delivery of Fidji (yes there will be more), in colors like a spring bouquet.  For some reason Fidji doesn't put as much effort into naming their shoes as they do on the rest of the process, instead choosing to use boring style numbers like E162, so we decided to name them after our fabulous employees.  Without further ado, the Spring collection of Fidji at Market Street Shoes, Part One. . . Introducing Sarah, Elise and Melanie.

Market Street Shoes

2215 NW Market St

Seattle, WA 98107


Spring is in the air!

With temperatures hitting the upper 50s this week and the sun showing its beautiful face, it might be time let the lower digits have a little peek at their surroundings. Indigo delivers again! The Longpond, a strappy number on a cork wedge in three gorgeous colors, just waiting to show of that cute new pedi . . .

Friday, January 21, 2011

Charleston anyone?

It might just be time to get your Flapper on.  Dust off that cloche hat, finger wave your hair, put on your drop waist dress, and take a gander at these beauties from John Fluevog.

Hmm, where's a girl go to do the Charleston around here anyway?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indigo, Indigo, where for art thou?

Oh, here you are, in all your beautiful splendor.  Three of you show up, like the Sirens, all sassy with the UPS driver, your song calling us, tempting us, our weakness apparent as you coax those nearby to take you home.  You were successful too, two of you leaving before the boxes were even finished being opened.  Silk, Pongee and Madras - your names a nod to classic textiles - your gorgeous leathers, nouveau styling, and new "Plush" construction lure us in . . . and then your song . . . it is hard to  . . . resist . . .  

Take a peek, but make sure to plug your ears.  Oh you didn't?  Well, call the store, we'll hold your size for you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

That's more like it!

Snowstorm, ooh, rain, ooh, wind, oooooh! Bring it.

We live in the mighty Pacific Northwest and we don't take nothing off of nobody! We like layers, we like Gore-Tex, we like waterproof shells, we like fleece (oh, don't act like you don't,) we like Smartwool, we like techie stuff, we like insulated, waterproof, seam-sealed, moisture wicking, breathable, abrasion resistant, sustainable and supportive. We like to be outside and play hard and be comfortable and dry doing it.

Oh but we like drama too, and Mother Nature serves it to us hot off the griddle. "Dramatic weather" - to quote one of the fabulous instructors from Passages Northwest - its not bad weather or good weather, its dramatic weather and we live with it day in and day out. We don't stay inside because it’s raining, or cold, or windy, or snowing! It's always doing something and we adapt in order to enjoy the outdoors. We dawn the ensemble and head outside, in the city or otherwise, steadfast into whatever comes our way. We like our weather, the sideways rain, the bitter cold wind, the burst of snow and the frenetic energy that follows. We're not afraid. We step to the fray with our shoulders back, our highly developed calf muscles flexed, our intention to be at one with the dramatic weather so as to prove our credentials of being from the Pacific Northwest. And so to, we expect our gear to perform for us with the same fervor when called upon.

Not coincidentally, the following two brands embrace a similar aesthetic . . . Introducing Sorel and Bogs.

Sorel comes to Market Street Shoes with over 100 years of waterproof boot making expertise. One of many lines created by the Kaufman Rubber Company in Kitchener, Ontario, Sorel launched in 1959 as a winter sport and work wear line and quickly secured its place in the annals of waterproof footwear, keeping company with the likes of L.L. Bean, White's, Hunter, Aigle, and others. We begin our venture with Sorel by offering the Tivoli, a fully waterproof, city friendly version of their classic 1964 Pac boot. Available in four colors with a plain or polka dot lace, 100g of Thinsulate insulation, fleece lining, and a grippy rubber outsole. More styles will arrive in the coming months, so stay tuned. . .

Bogs are also a welcome addition to Market Street Shoes, hailing from our Pacific Northwest neighbor, Oregon. Being from Oregon, Bogs knows a thing or two about weather, wet weather in particular, there tag line being "Wherever there is weather." Bogs also knows a thing or two about making footwear, the family behind them having been in the shoe business for more than forty years. 100% waterproof, breathable, insulated to sub-zero temperatures, grippy on slick surfaces, Bogs have a "bring it on" attitude that we tend to like in our clime, and they do it with style and a modern form follows function credo. Bogs also take a modern approach to construction and insulation with the use of a neoprene and rubber lamination, where Sorel relies upon the traditional pac- boot construction with a removable felted bootie inside a vulcanized rubber outer. Two different approaches to accomplish the same goal, like it! We'll be rolling out more styles with Bogs as we go the through the year, so stay tuned for these as well.

Well, that about wraps up this little sortie into waterproof footwear. I do say a pair of Bogs must find their way into my shoe closet soon, and that my Sorel Caribou are still going strong. There you have it. Until next time . . .

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year! Now get on with winter.

I hope this finds everyone well - and well rested - from the holidays...I think I might still need a couple of days.


I keep hearing rumors of impending snow, mostly from my thirteen year old and an app on his ipod, but when I hear him say, repeatedly, it is going to snow on blank day, it makes me think about all of things we'll do during the snow days - the sledding, the walk with the dog, the snow people building, the occasional snowball fight and the proper footwear for said activities.  Of course there are many choices when it comes to proper winter footwear, and I wear a lot of them, but some always stand out.  

During our brief snow storm in November I rocked the Merrell Wilderness...

[[posterous-content:pid___0]] amazing boot - one of my favorites - classic, comfortable, made in Italy, built to last a lifetime, (did I say made in Italy?), but not necessarily for everyone.  

Enter the boot made for everyone (let the trumpet heralding ensue).  Well not everyone, but a fair amount for sure and the next addition to my winter shoe quiver... the New Balance 1000.

[[posterous-content:pid___1]]Available in hers and his versions - she, tan with baby blue laces and fuzzy lining, he, the techie version in black, like one of those cool watches - the 1000 is a wintertime, snowstorm, cold weather killer.  New Balance put all the bells and whistles into this baby - waterproof, seam-sealed construction, 200 grams of PrimaLoft Eco insulation, Vibram Icetrek outsole, external heel counter, molded EVA midsole, gusseted tongue, and a dual-density memory foam collar - whew!  The 1000 is built on New Balance's OL-01 last (shoe form) which provides a nice snug fit in the heel with a tall, roomy toe box, and good arch support.  

This boot feels great out of the box and is not unlike slipping on a pair of running shoes thanks to the fit and the EVA midsole which provides great cushion underfoot. You could easily go from a quick run to Cupcake Royale for coffee and a Velvet Elvis to a snow shoe trek over hill and dale, you know, if there were some snow.  Oh, and the 1000 is gaiter compatible which makes it an ideal city or country winter stomper when the snow drifts start piling up around here and you need protection up to your knees.  They do pile up don't they?  The huge snow drifts here in Seat...  

So, let's review:  Its going to snow like the Dickens, soon, and I need an appropriate pair of winter boots that will be comfortable, warm, waterproof, sporty, versatile and make me the envy of my neighbors and co-workers, plus they come in under a hundred bucks?!?!?!?  Check, check, check, check and check!  The New Balance 1000, classy in all the right places...take a look after the jump.