Monday, September 26, 2011

New Editions - Cool it now

Fresh additions to our Fall boot selection...

Timberland, Tsubo, Dansko and Born all had recent deliveries; take a peek below.


The Rudston - waterproof, oiled leather in a rich, rusty brown with a gorgeous, straight shaft on a stacked heel and all day Timebrland comfort.

Osuga - Tsubo's take on a short boot, gathered just below the calf, with a leather wrapped heel, and beautiful stitch lines referencing classic pump silhouettes, available in brown, black and red.


The Mallory - with a nod toward Victorian era styling in a  more modern, sophisticated package, Born spices it up with a beautiful brown, mottled leather and a riding style top band.

The Knowl - Born's riff on English and Western riding styles with double pulls, classic, simple lines and a low heel, available in grey and brown.

Rylan - from Dansko's Rio family, a wooden bottom and a touch of western detailing make this gorgeous, full-grain leather boot pair well with skirts and jeans, available in brown and black.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Sorel, just to get you thinking...

I know it's not quite the weather for these yet, especially since it seems summer just started, but I did wear a jacket out of the house this morning, so maybe we're not too far away afterall. 

When we first brought in Sorel the beginning of this year we talked a little about their history and origins as a brand under the umbrella of the Kaufman Rubber Company in Kitchener, Ontario .  We figure our neighbors up north know a little something about weather and how to protect us from it, eh, so it's nice to look to Sorel for our cold and wet weather footwear needs.  Their are some classic pieces in the store now with more to follow as we head into the season.  Take a peek...



First up, the Sorelia Earhart.  She is available in Braken/Cappuccinno and Black/Pewter and is inspired by and named in reference to famed adventurer, Amelia Earhart.  The boot is a riff on classic avaitor "flightman" with full lace for fit and adjustability and a side zip for easy entry and exit.  The Sorelia Earhart is fully waterproof and insulated and ready for an adventure of your own.


Next, we have the Tofino.  She is available in Chili Pepper/Black and Black/Oyster and has a waterproof, waxed canvas upper, leather shell and classic pac styling from the herringbone rubber outsole and the faux fur collar.  A classic pac with a little more sophistication.

And lastly, Cate the Great!  Fully waterproof and seam-sealed, insulated to 25 below, faux fur collar, and a grippy rubber outsole, Cate is ready for whatever your throw at her.  Named for the Russian Empress and taking its design cues from Cree winter moccasins, Cate the Great will keep you warm, dry, and in style, in a snow storm or at the coffee shop.

Thanks for looking!  Until next time...

Friday, September 09, 2011

New from Timberland

Timberland needs little in the way of an introduction, so let's get to it!

Hot off the griddle...

the Maeslin T-strap in Burgundy,

the Bethel Buckle in brown and Black,

and the Stratham Heights in Black. 

Now, the Stratham Heights does need a little introduction, as aside from being a beautiful boot it is full of innovative features.  Some are to be expected coming from Timberland - full-grain, waterproof, leather upper (tanned in a Silver rated tannery), double-gored up the back for amazing calf fit, 42% recycled rubber outsole, and an anti-fatigue, comfort footbed.  The most innovative feature however, is the patent-pending Suspension Heel technology which utilizes a shock absorber in the heel, absorbing impact and providing comfort that lasts the whole day.  The Suspension Heel look is subtle but the affect is penomenal, but you'll have to try them on to see for yourself.

Next up... Sorel!

September Art Walk

Please join us Saturday, September 10th, from 6-9 PM as we feature the mixed media work of local artist Paul Knutzen. 

Of his work Paul says,

"I look at my art as: It is what it is, or what you want it to be, never black and white. I draw and paint because I enjoy it, so I usually just put down what I’m feeling at that particular moment.

When I was a kid I was captivated with the Surrealists and how differently people could perceive the world. Now days I’m floored by the creativity and new perspectives I see from Street Artists around the globe. When I can’t come up with something to work on I’ll grab a camera and wander into various areas of the city, checking out colorful buildings, signage, and graffiti; looking for something to inspire me. 

When working on a particular piece, I find playing with various new mediums and surfaces often more interesting than the subject matter itself. Sometimes I’ll be a long way into a piece and decide to try something new. Luckily this usually works out well."

Thursday, September 08, 2011

As promised...

I said in the last post that we'd take a peek at new women's kicks, so let's get started shall we!

From Fidji...

meet Ally, she's available in purple and a dark olive,

and Ruby, who's available in olive, purple, and rust.

Next up, we'll get into some new styles from Timberland.  See you in a bit...


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Coming up for air

Whew, it has been a busy buying season and we are finally wrapping up our orders for Spring 2012.  It feels like that process keeps getting earlier and taking longer each year.  And all the while I've been watching lots of new and exciting things come into the store and have wanted to share that excitement but I just couldn't find the time... until now.  So without further ado, let's see some shoes!

Let's start with some fresh, stylish kicks for the fellas.  First up...

the Romeo and Maurio, both from Camper.  Both are super clean looks, one for Saturday, one for Saturday night.


Next, we have the Bryant, from Ahnu.  Yes, I said Ahnu.  Quite a change in direction from what you might be familiar with but it fits well into their overall story.  The Bryant hails from their new Cityscape collection with a focus on leathers and urban styling, because really, we can't spend our whole lives on the trail.

And last, the Oaxaca, from Tsubo.  A beautifully tailored, classy, comfortable sneaker done up in supple, well detailed leathers.

Stay tuned for the next post; we've got some amazing women's stuff to get into...